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H.M.S/M Repulse Association

Members and Wives who have crossed the Bar


Tug Wilson 1998

Ossie Aldridge 1999

Bob Weldon 2000

Gerry Coulson 2001

Topsy Turner 2001

Dennis Forest 2001

Taff Morgan 2002

Tony Thorington 2003

Angus Ferguson 2005

Bob Bramwell 2006

Peter Bell 2006

Roger Batchelor 2008

J M Humphrey Port crew CEM 2008

Fred Searle December 2008

Ken Baker 2009

Shipmates of Repulse who have crossed the Bar but not in the association.

J Zorn, Ben Bibby, Mick Wooders, Ray Gilbert, Jim Crombie, R Boniwell, J Goodbody

R M (Max) Kohler 2008



Members Wives

Kath Borrowdale

Maggie Dack

Mrs T Sloane

Anne Scutt

Barbara Newman

Vera Forest

Lucy Ashley (Martin Ashley's wife).